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Chevron Amethyst Crystal Insert *Back in stock*

Chevron Amethyst Crystal Insert *Back in stock*

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Chevron Amethyst is Quartz & Amethyst that has naturally grown together, making this stone a very powerful combination - giving you the amplifying & strengthening ability of Quartz + the Master healing, emotionally balancing & awakening properties of Amethyst.

Chevron Amethyst has its own distinct healing abilities it enhances your intuition as well as increasing your ability to hear it, bringing peace of mind & trust in the universe. It helps you tap into your inner wisdom & promotes self discovery, growth & development!

Known to enhance your psychic abilities this crystal is great for deepening your meditative state, helping you achieve pure zen!

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 + Eco Friendly + Natural Chevron Amethyst + Stainless Steel 

We promise that each Crystal is personally checked to ensure the best quality, please be aware that each Crystal is natural and unique and may vary from the picture shown. 

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