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Crystal Elixirs have been used for many years by Ancient Civilisations, these ancient people believed the properties in precious stones gave you good health, longevity & purified your physical body as well as the energy that surrounds you, your Aura!
Our family here in New Zealand have used elixirs for many years taught by my Mother who devoted her life to Crystals and their healing abilities. 
The only thing was how do you take your elixirs with you? And that was how Aura Elixir was born!
We have a vision that everyone will be able to add these powerful elixirs into their everyday busy lives by using our beautiful elixir bottles!
Why the feathers on our bottles you may ask? Well we love the American Indians cleansing ritual in which they use feathers to cleanse & energise the Aura, so we believe this fits perfectly within our Aura Elixir ethos.